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Compliance Services

Beacon Safety Consulting and Training provides a complete safety and health service regardless of the size of your company, number of employees, or business sector in which you are located. By providing a safety-oriented culture at your company, employees will realize the importance of working safely thus leading to a healthier bottom line. If profitability is important to you, outsourcing your health and safety needs to Beacon Safety Consulting and Training, will allow you more time to address other equally important needs of your business.

Our services cover but are not limited to:

“Beacon Safety has really helped our business. Beacon handles the training and the safety issues, and they keep us up-to-date with the ever-changing OSHA regulations. We used to try to do this in-house, but it simply wasn't
cost-efficient for a small business like ours.
They've been great.”

Scott Green, President
Alpha Lehigh Tool
and Machine Co., Inc.
Alpha, NJ


Safety Project Consulting

On many occasions, clients require more than the development of compliance programs and employee training. There may be a need for specific projects such as Workplace Hazard Assessments, Job Safety Analysis, Danger Zone Identification, Safety Committee Development, Program Implementation, and Drug-Free Workplace Programs. Contact us regarding any special consulting projects that your business requires.

Workplace Occupational Health & Safety Assessments

We are trained on recognizing health and safety issues as well as identifying other issues that can help in the efficiency of your business.

Customized health and safety manuals

Customized hearlth and safety manualsWe provide a safety assessment and compliance review of clients policies and procedures with all levels of management. After conducting initial health and safety audits, we provide very affordable customized safety manuals for our clients. Special emphasis is placed on the OSHA standards that are applicable to our client’s business.

On-site OSHA training

On-site OSHA trainingAll of our training is provided by highly qualified trainers and tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Power Point presentations, videos, and hands-on training complimented by qualifying tests are utilized at all training sessions.

Speaking Engagements

If you or your professional organization is in need of a speaker, contact us for information about our presentations.

Implementation of state and local programs

We assist our clients in the implementation of state and local programs that can result in substantial Workers Compensation Premium savings.

OSHA representation

In the event of an OSHA inspection, we provide assistance with the OSHA abatement process and preparation for the informal conferences. Our services help our clients to remain in compliance with federal regulations regarding Occupational Safety and Health.

On going client support

Telephone support is available during regular working hours. If inspected by OSHA, our clients can contact us for immediate guidance.

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